The majority of diseases are caused by bad water conditions. If you take care of your water quality by doing frequent water changes, and house and care for your betta sufficiently, disease will be scarcely a problem. However, disease does happen, and it is good to be prepared in case it does. Having a few medications on hand is a good idea.

How can you keep your fish free of Betta diseases? The answer is simpler than you may think. You can keep your Betta from getting sick by maintaining a healthy tank environment. Watch this video for tips on how to do that and prevent Betta diseases from affecting your pet fish!

Don’t Let Your Betta Get Sick! Avoid Betta diseases that stem from viral infections and learn how to treat your Betta. Many of the viral infections are treatable. Find out about them in this helpful video.

Are you worried that your Betta will get sick? Prevent bacterial infections from hurting your Betta. From cotton wool disease to Ich, learn how to prevent and treat the worst Betta diseases so your fish can be happy and healthy for a very long time.


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