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SAKURA Betta Food (20g)

    The granule is very small as it is only 0.5 mm. in black color. It is made specially to suit the eating nature of fighting fish by resembling small and floating insects on the water’s surface for fighting fish to make the immediate consumption. Feeding continuously also help to improve the color of scale and fin to be more lustrous and make the overall appearance very attractive when fighting fish swims and spreads fin. This feed contains a lot of valuable ingredients such as mosquito larvae, spirulina, white fish meal, shrimp meal, wheat-germ meal, vitamins minerals, squid liver and etc.

  • Squid liver is a new generation of high-performance fish, shrimp, crab feed attractant.It is based on the foreign aquaculture experts, drawn from many years of hard study of aquatic animals, hobby smell fishy smell of squid, and various stages of our ornamental aquaculture and growth characteristics of the development made of.
  • Squid liver comes from natural sea squid (squid) viscera as raw materials, with a thick squid viscera fishy smell, prompting the fish, shrimp increased appetite, increase fish, shrimp, crab feed intake, promote growth and other special effects, is an ideal for aquatic feed attractant agent and repairing torn or wounded fin or tail of aquatic animals. Consuming more squid liver oil can accumulating the fat in a particular parts meant to be in specifically aquatic species, such as head growth development and more perfection of the tails and fins. It also enhances the disease resistance of aquatic animals to reduce the fish.
  • 20g package.
  • 0.5mm bead size.

Nutrients’ Detail as Follow:

  • Main ingredients are dried mosquito larva and squid liver. Black bead lures predator fish like fighting fish to attack it immediately. The nutrition makes fighting fish colorful and aggressive.
  • Vitamin C quickly helps wound healing of torn fin and tail.
  • Vitamin E is an antioxidant reduces fish infection at gill, reduces fish stress, and also extend fish life cycle.
  • Spirulina adds nutrition such as amino acid for fish food which makes fish healthy. Healthy fish will have bright and colorful skin.
  • Bead doesn’t cause dirty water and can float all day long.

Guaranteed analysis

Crude protien min. 32%

Crude fat min. 3%

Crude fiber max. 5%

Crude moisture max. 10%

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